Sunday, August 14, 2011

Seven (7) Popular Malware In Android

Several evil aka malware programs try to hit the Android OS is higher popularity. Here are some of the most famous Android malware detected so far, reported by InformationWeek on Friday (08/05/2011):

1. Android.PjappsM

Beginning in 2010, an attacker unauthorized downloading programs from Android Market and the malware infects Android.Pjapps. Modified version was redistributed to a third-party Android Marketplace. Besides siphoning pulse by sending an SMS premium, this malware by Symantec aims to steal personal user data that the device is infected.

2. Android.Geinimi

Trojans are known named Geinimi is spreading mainly in China. He infects the Android game and once installed on the user's device, the device was so mobile that the botnet can be controlled from the remote attacker.

3. AndroidOS.FakePlayer

According to Symantec, this malicious program disguised himself as a media player application. If installed, it will silently send SMS premium on the number in Russia.

4. DroidDream (aka, Android.Rootcager)

DroidDream including malware that infects the craze with about 60 different applications in the Android Market and infecting hundreds of thousands of users in the first quarter of 2011. Malware-infected device is changed into a botnet, Android penetrate security, installing additional software and steal data.

5 Android.Bgserv

Moments after the brunt of DroidDream, Google released a tool to 'cure' the infected device. But the cyber criminals also mendompleng this moment by releasing a fake version of the evil. Luckily not too dangerous but still able to steal data.

6. GGTracker

GGTracker otherwise quite sophisticated threats. Cyber ​​criminals to trick users by creating a mobile web page that looks like the Android Market, where some users are stuck downloading a battery-saving applications. If installed, this malware will send a premium SMS at a cost of up to USD 40 per SMS.

7. DroidKungFu

Tactics by malware authors are distributing legitimate applications in the Android Market, waiting for many users to download it, then menginjeksinya with malware when user do an update over the air (OTA). Luckily, DroidKungFu already known 'crimes' before infecting a user so that it did not go into the Android Market.
Seven (7) Popular Malware In Android


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