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Adjust Finance With

February 28, yesterday launched a service that is useful to assist users in managing finances,
Services related to the origin of Indonesia's financial arrangements are not entirely new service, before DailySocial never discuss, which also provides primary care to assist users in recording activities and help manage their finances. financial planner is a web-based application that offers several services, among others, noted the transaction either income or expenditure, helping the user to set priorities, outcomes and evaluation processes of financial transactions that occurred and use the philosophy of the envelope and the view of the calendar. 

In this application you can record the financial transactions in accordance with the transaction name that happens, you can group your financial transactions you do with a system of â € ~ amplopâ € ™. The envelope became a kind of group of transactions to separate transactions that exist, such as an envelope for education, an envelope for groceries, or envelopes for bills that can be further grouped into bills for internet, electricity or the other. view of the calendar with the transactions that occur are placed based on date, you can add transactions directly from the link provided or directly from a column of dates on the calendar. Two of the main menu of this service is Calendar and Envelope, each of which can be arranged and added as needed.
Use of the term envelope is quite interesting, but as one of the advantages to be offered, the use of this term is quite popular in the community, my friend, a merchant who deals fairly large store also still use the â € ~ system amplopâ € ™ to manage its financial transactions and make the post- special post to separate the various transactions. also features a focus on simplicity, when compared with NgaturDuit which has some complementary features such as graphics, just take another route while still providing a simple but useful facility, as described by one of the founder Mochammad Masbuchin, feature does not mean less and less useful to try to provide an easy way in dealing with financial management komplektisitas.
I myself is a fan web-based applications or mobile, mainly made in Indonesia, which focuses on providing services that help productivity, including financial arrangements, the presence developed by DropSugar (formerly Sacred Warrior) can provide additional options for financial applications simple, but I prefer the extra facilities such as graphics or other additional facilities such as investment planning or planning of expenditures for the next few months, but for those who like a simple financial application and focus on the financial calendar, could be an option.
Competition for this type of application is also already quite crowded, both local and international applications, but described by Masbuchin have a pretty good growth since its launch last week, also currently developing several features such as yearly calendar, integration with SMS and Twitter and check balances online banking.
For business monetization, will not place ads on their services, and plans to execute two plans namely financial consulting and investment deals online + protection and subscribe system.
For those of you who have difficulty managing their finances may begin to try this application by going to this link, and do not forget to give your comment after trying this application, and to monetization, one of the most interesting part for me, we see the execution plan and how to monetize the response of their users, one more thing, may they also pay attention in developing a version for access from mobile devices. (Source)
Why is that many are fond
Dead Simple. Documentation has not officially launched, but users are accustomed amplopin apparently records the transaction without the need for trained!Data Safe. No need to fear missing a note, HP is lost, even missing any computer data remains safe and accessible.Useful Forever. Want to know your spending last month, two months ago, or last year? All are still stored in the database amplop.inAwake privacy. User data is not distributed to third party. You do not have to worry about the contents of your kitchen known to others.Jargon Indonesia. The term "Financial Calendar" and "envelope" is more easily understood by users.Technology Behind
Server Technology: Choice of server crashed on Apache, MySQL, and are hosting applications on Amazon EC2 nodes Europe. Load balancer using cache Varnish. MySQL made redundant in order to work as a Master-Slave.
Framework: Framework used include: SlimFramework, H2O templates, Redbean, and Inspekt. Why wear the Framework-framework?
SlimFramework: Simple, easy, uses as Routing & Controller requests into the application. If you ever put on Sinatra at Ruby's, Slim-like really.H2O: Template engine inspired by Django, use the View.Redbean: Object Relational Mapping, using a database seemed not to use it. Used as a model.Inspekt: ​​Validator data input.
Adjust Finance With


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