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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Tips Delete Multiple Message on BlackBerry

Following the update of a community does not hurt. But sometimes the update messages that are constantly making your inbox becomes fat and no more unsightly. Fortunately your BlackBerry smartphone is equipped with enough features to help in deleting the message quickly.

Delete the message with the keyboard BlackBerry

You go into the folder the message from the home screen. Use the trackpad / trackball to highlight the first message that you want to delete. While press and hold down the CAPS / SHIFT, point trackpad / trackball up or down to select another message. When all the messages you want to delete has become highlighted, release the CAPS / SHIFT, then press the Menu key and click Delete Messages.

If you want to repeat the process on the computer, make sure you select a message in the mailbox and the handheld option. This will ensure that your emails have been deleted from the mailbox.

Deleting all messages by Date

Another way to delete all messages through the delete prior option. Place your cursor in the date, press menu, and select delete prior. All messages by date will be deleted. But we remind you that this will also remove the fuel, SMS / MMS, email, messages sent or all messages that you choose to go into the folder. Email removed with this technique simply delete the email on your mobile phone only, not in the inbox.

You can also clean up some Itam use the search function on the message folder (Mesages -> Menu -> Search, or select the search icon at the bottom). Once you sort out a few items, you can remove it.
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Tips Delete Multiple Message on BlackBerry


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