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Knowing Kiddie Script in Detail in the World of Hacking

Knowing Kiddie Script in Detail in the World of Hacking
In this day and age to be a Script Kiddie was not difficult because only with a capital of internet connection
and understand a little about computers, Ordinary people like me can become a Script Kiddie because only a few learning tools-tools that the spread on the internet and learn it then we can become a Script Kiddie. Kiddie Script Hacking tools

Definition of Script Kiddie
In the world of hackers alone, A Script Kiddie interpreted as someone with bad intentions who use the program others to attack computer systems, or deface any on the website. On the call of a script kiddie is in fact not a pride, it is usually assumed sebagasi a child (kid) who lack the ability to create their own tools and
usually only aims to create a sensation. At any rate this can cause many problems for computer users and we are often using Internet, usually a script kiddie looking for targets not by choosing a target but rather rely on the results of the scan tools that detect the weaknesses of a system in general. Sooner or later the tools that used a script kiddie will provide a scan of a weak system which can later be attacked with ease, well from the bottom of it A Script Kiddie is a threat, anyone can be the next target because it did not specify the Script Kiddie victims but use the results of a scan tool that detect the weakness of a system.

Weapons Which In Use Script Kiddie
On this day anything very easily found on the internet, The same with weapon Script Kiddie. Numerous
tools which can be downloaded on the internet and can be used easily, even though their use even a layman like I was. One very simple way is to scan IP / web to find weaknesses in systems that can be attacked
easily, to become a script kiddie. Someone do not have to work until late at night because of the many tools that work automatically so we can stay active and we are just waiting for the results of a scan tool

Bad things that can happen
Once your system is weak then the intruder will go straight and invade your system with no little compassion
was. Below are some bad things that can happen if a system has been attacked

1. Web defacement
After the intruders then made it into a web serve and have full access on a webs, which are usually done a script kiddie is replace the main page of a web with id nick name along with a message intended for web admin them. Not only that many of the intruders tear ngabrik contents web so that the web is no longer able to accessed by visitors or not run properly again. it is a achievement for a script kiddie.
2. Infect the system
One example through a virus or worm which in which later spread through the internet virus or worm that infects a computer to compose sisitem, took this important files that exist on the computer or damage the total
a computer to not be reused.
3. Retrieving a password
Passwords with strong type (has a password that is difficult in (guessed it) sometimes are helpless if the script kiddie has running a program or a keylogger program that can to enskrip a password
4. File operations
If a script kiddie has gained full access, then they can at will do anything, for example such menghaspus or steal files is very important. Imagine if your important files or the files other sensitive stolen by someone else if your computer attacked by intruders.

An attack occurs because of a weakness therefore we must do the protections under method of attack.
1. Minimization of system
One of the security loopholes that can be susup by attacker is through the service or program being running on the system on your computer. Therefore, make sure we minimize service or program running on your  computer. And you can disable the service or program that is not in used or needed.
2. Password management
Things you should do is just be careful if you want to create a common password like "admin", "1234", "qwerty", even "p @ $ $ w0rd" and still a lot of passwords which has a very easy level of difficulty in guessing. It seems conceded just waiting Now by simply using a search eingine script kiddie can find a database containing collection-a collection of passwords and other things that are sensitive
3. Use a firewall
At least with us using the firewall can protecting the attacks coming from the port are allowed by firewall is usually port 80 which is generally used as web serving. Firewalls also can cover up weaknesses a system.
4. Use the tools
If a script kiddie use tools to attack then use the same thing to know the system you own. Tools are designed to find weaknesses in the system call a vulnerability scanner. Typically this software will scan IP address, operating system, and applications walking and finally determine the update on operating system and application that has its disadvantages.
5. Always update
Updates are always programs that you can use, because usually a lot of programs that still has many problem as this can be a boomerang for the system if found on the program crashes.
Knowing Kiddie Script in Detail in the World of Hacking


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