Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hacking with ProRat

For those of you who like to idle computer ignorant friend, ya I love tools that fit
for you. His name ProRat. ProRat hacking tool is one of the very outer
very common. Tools are made ​​of Turkey. These tools serve to infiltrate into
other people's computers. It's very easy and simple as we live
know the IP and Port victim's computer, then we can directly
A. How to use ProRat:
1. The first time we have to know in advance the IP and Port of victims who
is open. We can do it by hand or even with the help of
Ports Scanner tool.

From the picture above we know all the current computer's IP and Port
whichever is open. That will be the victim in our experiment times
This is a computer with IP
2. The next step is we run ProRat, these tools can you download
in Previously matiin Anti Virus ye first (disable),
because ProRat be detected as a virus. Though he is not harmful to
our computer. After that fill IP casualties on the form of IP and port (default
If we click the Connect button then the connection to the victim's computer has not been
can, because we have not the victim's computer infection. To infect a computer
victims we first create a server that will run on computers
the victim. I click the Create button - Create ProRat Server.
Then came the look of Notifications:

Check the option Use Proconnective Notifications and contents of the IP (DNS) Address
with our IP.
On the General Settings tab we input the Server Port (default 5110), Servers
Victim Name and Password.

On the Bind tab with file we can not infiltrate the file to be executed
shared server. File extension is free.

Next is the Server Extensions tab, there are several options the server extension.
We choose an extension. Exe.

To make the icon you click on the tab Server server icon, select whatever icon
you want.

The final step of making this server is click Create Server
Once successful, it will appear:
3. We stayed running Server is dikomputer victims. The way is up
you want to secretly infiltrated or the technique used by Social Engineering
(Mas teachings Fauzi) and can also directly on the computer you infeksikan
it (if biased sihh).
4. Once the server is successfully running on the victim's computer, then we
immediately try to connect to it with our computers.

5. For the connection we can use or direct ProConnective
type the IP address and port the victim's computer. ProConnective are tools
inherited from ProRat that serves as a Bridge (bridge connection) between
computer servers and client computers (the victim). Will appear if the victim's IP
he was on.

6. After successfully connecting to the status of the victim's computer
ProRat will change from Disconnected to Connected
7. Well ... it's time we play. There are many things we can do on
the victim's computer as the information of your PC, send a message
error, turn off the computer, lock the mouse, open the CD-ROM or even
photographing the victim's face.
8. Now we will see the victim PC info:

From the image above we can see the information held from computer
the victim.
9. We also can transmit fake error messages to the victim's computer:

10. Install Keylogger.
GOOD LUCK may be USeFull ^_^ with Hacking with ProRat (Hacking Tools)
Hacking with ProRat


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