Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Warning Dangerous Site on Internet

Warning Dangerous Site
Just share information, For you the maniac had fun browsing the internet, now is the time to be careful. because there are so many sites that are dangerous to visit.

these sites spread certain viruses to computers that access it. this info I quoted from  Generation Technology.
Here's a list of web site:

  1. 17ebook.com 
  2. aladel.net
  3. bpwhamburgorchardpark.org 
  4. clicnews.com 
  5. dfwdiesel.net 
  6. divineenterprises.net 
  7. fantasticfilms.ru 
  8. gardensrestaurantandcatering.com
  9. ginedis.com 
  10. gncr.org
  11. hdvideoforums.org 
  12. hihanin.com 
  13. kingfamilyphotoalbum.com 
  14. likaraoke.com 
  15. mactep.org 
  16. magic4you.nu 
  17. marbling.pe 
  18. krnacjalneg.info 
  19. pronline.ru 
  20. purplehoodie.com
  21. qsng.cn 
  22. seksburada.net 
  23. sportsmansclub.net
  24. stock888.cn 
  25. tathli.com 
  26. teamclouds.com 
  27. texaswhitetailfever.com 
  28. wadefamilytree.org 
  29. xnescat.info 
  30. yt118.com

For those of you who are still curioustry it may ajaBut I am notresponsibleI'll be safer you must equip your computer with antivirus and anti spyware are quite sophisticatedOkay!

Who've triedcan share his experience here.

Warning Dangerous Site on Internet


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