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LG P920, 3D Tool In Grip

LG P920, 3D Tool In Grip Enjoying the content of 3-dimensional (3D) by using special glasses may be used, but without the glasses it was remarkable, especially for a phone.

3D mobile phone era is likely to be initiated by the presence of the LG P920, or to be known as 3D Optimus. This phone is not only capable of displaying videos and photos in 3D mode but also capable of making such content. Also, what features are offered?

Design: Great and Simple

For anyone who just does this phone, it will assume great shape and the 'box'. Yes, 3D Optimus did appear so. This product comes without an adventurous design, measuring 4.3 inch screen and weighs about 168 grams. Quite heavy when inserted into the pocket.

At the front of the user only find the standard buttons Android, Menu, Home, Back and Search. To the rear body is made of plastic material with a matte black color, but that is so striking is the placement of two parallel cameras with silver lines that read Stereoscopic 3D.

At the top there is a 3.5 mm jack for audio port and On / of or lock. While there is a button on the right body volume and the access to 3D content, and on the left there is a USB port and HDMI. The presence of an HDMI port is what reflects this phone as a powerful multimedia device.

But oddly, though it was equipped with a variety of additional ports and features, there is no LED notification on this phone. I wonder what the reason Motorola decided to mentiadakan light enough to help this.

LG 3D Optimus does have a size that big, but it turned out to represent a great performance. Brilliant screen, until ready to spoil upscale innards users.

Performance: Sangar However Haus Resources

LG 3D Optimus does not carry the screen with a frill or AMOLED displays such as Optimus NOVA Black, but the screen capable of displaying pictures in brilliant. Whether used for playing games, or watching a resolution of 1920 X 180p. Thus even with multitouch support diusungnya, able to recognize 10 touches at once.

If you view the performance specifications of this phone seems to have no doubt. 1GHz dual-core processor ARM Cortex-A9, SGX540 GPU and 512MB of memory configured in dual channel mode. Well, here's what LG is claimed to increase the bandwidth between the processor with memory, so it can process data faster. But unfortunately, still using the Android Froyo.

When doing testing with benchmarking applications Quadrant, this phone is able to carve figures of 2719. While the application of values ​​obtained Antutu Benchmark 5195.

But unfortunately, the performance must be redeemed with a short battery life. LG Optimus 3D using a capacity of 1500 mAh battery, but could only survive no more than 10 hours for online non-stop in a 3G network.

Amazing 3D capabilities

Might initially seem difficult to get a dish of 3D without glasses on the phone, but the allegations were broken when detikINET using this phone.

In Optimus 3D, 3D Space there is a menu containing a variety of 3D content. For example, 3D games, 3D Gallery, 3D Camera, and a shortcut directly to a 3D channel on YouTube. Simply complete and very diverse.

Watching 3D hand in this phone is different from what is common on 3D cinema or television. Ditampilakn image tends to accumulate in, not stand out like in general.

Even though the overall looks decent raised thumb, good for videos, photos and even games. But keep in mind. Play games in 3D mode on this phone will make the eyes tired, it is advisable not to linger.

Not satisfied with the existing content, users can create their own 3D content through this phone.

For example, snapped photos, this phone allows capturing images in 2D and 3D mode. This can be done because Optimus 3D using a dual lens on the back. 3D video recording can be done, it's just limited to a resolution of 720p (1080p for 2D).

In conclusion, LG 3D Optimus is quite a revolutionary device. Beneath the upper-class specification, also pinned 3-dimensional features that have not often found in mobile phones in its class. Not yet known when the price of this product would be launched later, but reportedly will be in the range of USD 5.5 million.

+ Can make and watch 3D
+ High performance
+ Bright display

- 3D games make the eyes tired
- Still Froyo
- Weight
- No notification light
LG P920, 3D Tool In Grip


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